moroccan Kaftan Dress Talia - authentic kaftan
Moroccan kaftan Dress

Kaftan Dress Talia

Kenza Caftan
Modern Kaftan dress in navy blue, embroidered and hand beaded in silver color with rhinestones / sequins in the same color. The belt is very thin adorned with a matching brooch. The cut of the dress is bell, with officer collar. Delivery | Cancellation | F.A.Q | Guaranties
Kaftan Tasnime - 1
caftan pas cher

Kaftan Tasnime

Kaftan Tasnime is made in satin / silk crepe with a bell skirt and puffed sleeves, embroidered in golden skalli and beaded by hand, the belt, the sfifa and aakads finish in gold. The default color is dark gray. Delivery | Cancellation | F.A.Q | Guaranties
black kaftan velvet black maxi dress
Moroccan kaftan Dress

Kaftan Bassma

Kenza Caftan
A classic black kaftan dress; made in velvet, with sfifa, aakads and rhinestones golden, this kaftan dress remains simple but very classy.
white Kaftan Dress Jana - boho wedding dress
Robe orientale et robe marocaine

Kaftan Dress Jana

Kenza Caftan
Another beautiful model for brides with floral embroidery inlaid with pearls and sequins for a feminine and luxurious look. The handcrafted metal belt decorated with rhinestones. The sfifa and aakads in silver and the flared cut. Delivery | Cancellation | F.A.Q | Guaranties
Kaftan Dress Nadine - 1
caftan pas cher

Kaftan Dress Nadine

Kenza Caftan
Luxury Takchita designed in 2 pieces; the bottom caftan is embroidered in an artisanal zwak way (woven cord embroidery) with hand beading, the dfina (the second piece) is entirely hand beaded in crystals. The two pieces in blue gray crepe fabric. The trimmings and buttons in golden thread, the belt is handcrafted in metal.
Wedding Kaftan Oumaya - 2

Wedding Kaftan Oumaya

Kenza Caftan
 Takchita in White perfect for brides, made in crepe, pretty embroidery in silver skalli, a flared cut, thin belt with metal brooch, sfifa, aakad and dars (handcrafted finish) in silver and white skalli   Delivery | retraction | F.A.Q | Garanties
white kaftan dress / luxury kaftan
Moroccan kaftan Dress

Kaftan Zaynab

Zaynab is a bridal Kaftan par excellence; designed from chiffon with a satin lining, the chosen color is white, with floral beaded embroidery at the bust and sleeves which are 3/4 cut. Delivery | Cancellation | F.A.Q | Guaranties
mint green Kaftan Dress Alma By KENZA
Robe orientale et robe marocaine

Kaftan Dress Alma

Kenza Caftan
The Alma takchita is made in aqua green crepe fabric, embroidered and beaded at the bust and sleeves. The sfifa (trimming) and aakads (handmade buttons) in golden skalli, the dress cut is with long sleeves. Delivery | Cancellation | F.A.Q | Guaranties
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In Arabic, Kenza means treasure, something precious that we are proud to have ...

Kenza Caftan not only offers a dress to wear for an evening or a party, but a handcrafted piece that you can pass between generations, which reminds you of your beautiful memories, and which you wear with pride by representing your beautiful Moroccan culture. ..



find your perfect dress among a wide choice of caftan and takchita of all colors and for all ceremonies


Your dress is made to measure according to your size: cut, embroidery, beading and finishing by hand within 15 to 20 days


Delivery is made in 2 to 3 days by UPS and DHL





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